0.2.1(5) release


Xmass present arrived today on testflight. New macro lens, new app release, will test on the week end!


Which Macro Lens did you pick up?


I’ve purchased the Zeiss exolens macro, reviewed and suggested by @ColSebastianMoran here , really impressive lens, but expensive.
It is out of stock but you can find some on ebay:

The kit includes lines to use the lens with various iphone models, from 5 to 7+
I really suggest to purchase the lens: it’s worth the (hi) price.


The Exolens Pro with Zeiss Optics has been seen briefly on eBay around $100-$120. Offered regularly for much more.


Sweet lens! This update was a small one, just to keep the beta from expiring. A much bigger update is in the works but it wasn’t quite ready yet :slight_smile:


I’ve spent some time testing app and lens today:
IPhone 7+
FilmLab 0.2.1(5)
Kaiser led ligitpad (no flikering)
Zeiss macro exolens
Half spiral to keep the phone at about 4cm from the film

No difference from previous version as @abe already told us.
The only difference for me is that everytime I try to save an image to camera roll it crashes (even if the picture was shot using filmlab, even if it was opened from photo album with the app).
So I do not have nothing to show directly from filmlab.

I wrote in the proper thread about the test (here)


Runs for me. iPhone 7 Plus, iOS 11.1.2. I can capture, convert, and save. Works from the camera and from a saved file.


I can easily replicate it everytime, same phone, same IOS VERSION 11.2.1
I’ve also tried to uninstall FilmLab and install again without any luck.
I’ve screen recorded the crash, I can upload somewhere if its useful, but it is nothing more than a quick black screen and app closing when I hit the ‘save to film roll’ button.


Mauro, that’s strange. Beyond me.


Hey Mauro, I was just able to reproduce your crash… working on a fix!


Great @abe thank you! Count on me for testing the next release!


Yes, I get the crash-on-save with my iPhone 6, 11.0.3, but not on my iPhone 7 Plus 11.2.1


@abe new version works! no crash, thank you!


2017 iPad running IOS 11.2.1, daylight balanced lightbox, 6X7 cm masked color negs, 10X12.7 cm masked color negs. Updated FilmLab this morning 0.2.1 (5). Focus working much better but not every time. Image changes automatically to a positive with fairly good color. However, I still cannot save images. Will someone please tell me how this is done? I have clicked everything that is visible. Thanks.


I can confirm bullx’ and yasha’s comments. New version 0.2.2 (6) fixes the crash I had with 0.2.1 Thanks, Abe!