6x17 negatives?



I shoot 6x17 panoramas, will the app be able to scan those negatives?



It should, but I don’t have any 6x17 negs myself so I would love to have you test a beta and report how it works (or doesn’t). Thanks!


Ok, I’ll test it as soon as I have a light table, hopefully within a week or two.



So I got my Huion light box today and tried some 6x17 negs. I had some issues similar to those which have been reported in the iOS thread of frame detection, but I managed to capture some frames. Here is an example

The blown high ligths are probably from the photo. This was a pinhole experiment, and I haven’t scanned it yet.

It looks really promising!



Cool! The blown highlights are probably largely from FilmLab. That should get better in the next release, at least for devices that support raw capture.