A good film holder


HI, I actually have one of these but how would that work with a light table? It seems like you couldn’t line it up flush.


Hi, my understanding was that this film scanner box already has a build in LED panel which illuminates the film? I do not own one so I’m not sure. How do you like using it by the way?


Honestly, I haven’t used it that much. I prefer scanning with my Epson v700 way more than this one for the iPhone. It has no built in LED. It uses your iPhone’s camera flash! It does a pretty decent job but again, it’s not top quality.


I’ve been looking for a good film holder. It’s a pain to get film strips flat on a lightsource…
I do have some ANR strips… If I put them on top then I loose any kind of detail in the film… if I lay them under the film then I still need to get the film somehow flat against the ANR.

I was interested in the DigitaLiza reading about it here, but it appears it’s sold out everywhere. No shops, not on lomo, not on ebay or any local second-hand seller sites…

Any other DIY solution-tips out there? To keep film strips of 6 to 4 or sometimes even 2 flat on a piece of ANR glass I (already) have?


I had one of the Lomography smart phone scanners a few years ago. Mine was crippled by a very uneven backlight. But with a better light source, I think that kind of combination light source / film holder / phone holder would work well with FilmLab.


The simplest DIY would just be a simple piece of glass dirextly on top of the film while it’s resting on a light pad, even a tablet or laptop would give okay results for proofing. I’ve done that before with my phone. (Putting the iPhone in “inverted grayscale” works great for having a quick look at black and white negs.)

As for a Lomo alternative, the Better Scanning holders seem promosing - but more expensive.


Anyone tried them?


Glass directly on the film is no option . It’s extremely difficult to keep the glass clean while moving it about to frame the film pictures and more importantly, I get Newton rings all over the place.

I have some ‘strips’ of ANR glass (neatly 35mm film height ) but those go under the film (between film and lightpad ) because you can’t put ANR glass on top (the ‘frosty’ look of ANR glass removes any detail you can capture ).

So and glass between film and pad fixes the Newton rings… but still leaves the curly film issue.


I found film holders I needed for dslr scanning on eBay, Nick was very helpful & even printed one to my requirements. Have a look here.


Thanks for the recommendation @Nivin37! I saw Negative Solutions also has an order form where you can order negative holders directly from him and skip the eBay / Amazon middleman to save a few bucks:


I’m going to try ordering some of his holders.


What are ANR strips


I think it means “Anti Newton Ring”:



Oh sorry, yes. Anti Newton ring glass. If you press a film surface hard and flat against glass you’ll see weird rings appearing. ‘newton rings’.

ANR glass is a kind of ‘frosted’ or ‘roughed up’ glass that prevents this kinds of rings.
But that also means the glass has a structure to it, and if you put that glass between your film and your scanning device, that structure will show up and remove sharpness and detail.

If you put it between the backlight and the film, it acts as a little diffuser and you get nicely lit film strips , and you can press it flat against the ANR glass so that no rings will show up.

ANR glass can be quite expensive although there are some ‘price fighters out there’.
I have two strips exactly the same of a 6-strip row of 35mm film , I think it’s meant to be used in the v700 holders or something. And I have some cheap empty slides that have ANR glass in them , which I break open when I want to try another DIY film holder. Like I said , so far nothing that I’m really happy with.

Maybe I’ll buy a cheap reflecta / Pacific Imaging scanner around the 1800 DPI mark for cheap on eBay, and rip it open and use the plastic shell with it’s film holder to place it on my lighttable :slight_smile:


Wet mounting with scanner fluid and mylar on top might be a solution?


Had to look up what Mylar is… and I doubt you get it on top of your film without rinkles or curles , and is it even perfectly clear to scan through ?

@Nivin37 what did you buy of him exactly ?

I see some holders '35mm full width for select Canon and Epson scanners ’ . Full width meaning they keep the film in but still show sprocket holes.
Now clue how they keep the film in to be honest :). Just holding it by the outer millimeter or something?

I wonder if I could use to just lay on top of my lightpad. With or without a strip or ANR glass under it.

I think if the film is not in direct contact with my lightpad (like 1mm distance in a holder ) I will not get Newton rings.


I purchased a 35 mm film holder/adapter made for Polaroid/Bowers HD Slide Duplicator. I use this when digitising my B&W film images. His original solution was for only one frame and I had him make a holder for 3+ frames.
I have tried using a LightBox Pattern Tracing Pad LED A4 Light Box Art Tattoo Design Stencil Drawing, for a light source, however I encountered the same problem as others with the leds showing up in the digital image & the brightness not sufficient along with white balance colour cast issues. I have now moved to a Yongnuo led panel.


Mylar is quite common for wetscanning on for example an Epson flatbed. You’ll see it used in a few youtube videos, and Scanscience supplies mylar sheets if you buy their kit. Getting it flat isn’t a problem when using fluids, at least.


Film holder – a negative carrier from an enlarger. That’s what I use.


I just used a glass over my iPad (1st Gen) which worked really well but have to use some kind of diffuser cause you see the pixel grid big time in the final scan…


Has anyone used this smartphone scanner to scan mounted slides ?


Yup, tried color slides but the app didn’t recognise them at all.