Android Beta 1 Release state


Mine keeps hanging and crashing no matter what i do. I’m on Android 7.0 + Samsung S7


I’ve got this up and running on my OnePlus 2, but it is painfully slow. The screen updates at maybe one or 2 frames a second, and I haven’t quite had the heart to test properly yet… Also - is it just me, or is the UI missing? I can capture frames, and then get a gallery or share option, but there don’t seem to be any controls on the initial capture screen.


Yes, me too. No UI controls…


Thanks for sharing your experiences, everyone! Besides problems with frame detection (which is common to both iOS and Android), the interesting/surprising issues I’m heading are:

  1. Black screen of death on some devices - it sounds like FilmLab is failing to get video from the camera at all. I’m going to go through the reports and see if I can identify specific models that have that problem. It seems like the Galaxy S8 might be one of them. I currently have two Android phones as test devices, but I will buy/borrow more as necessary to be able to fix this bug
  2. Very slow frame rates. This surprised me, since one of my test devices is an relatively ancient Nexus 4, and it’s giving acceptable performance. I’ll have to reproduce this problem in person with profiling/monitoring turned on so I can see what’s happening.