Any chance to get a download link for the app?


Hallo everyone,
I’m a photography student from munich germany and I’m really interested in working with film.
Unfortunately I missed the Kickstarter campaign. Anyway I’m wondering if there is any chance to get a download link for the app.
Did’t find any mail adresse or contact form or similar to get in touch with the developer so I started this topic.
If this topic is out of place here, please let me know.

Looking forward to getting some feedback from you guys.



I missed also the campaign and would love to get a copy. I work a lot with analog so this will help me a lot :slight_smile:


También estoy a la espera de poder comprar la app.


me too. I can’t wait to experience this APP.


same here - got around 10 rolls to scan and much more coming up. I could also share results with the community.

Would work on a iphone 7+


Hey everyone,

Thanks so much for your interest! Unfortunately I’m not taking on any new testers at the moment. But I’m trying to get version 1.0 ready for release as soon as I can - it should be out later this spring. You can follow along with the community updates here, or sign up to the mailing list at

Thanks again,