Beta and release schedule


Software development is hard to predict, so don’t take the below schedule as being set in stone. But here are my goals for beta releases:

July 27: Beta 1
August 3: Beta 2 (bug fixes based on feedback to Beta 1)
August 24: Beta 3
September 7: Beta 4

At some point in the early fall, version 1.0 should be ready to release to the public in the app stores. After that, the beta channel will continue to be updated with new and experimental features before these features are released in the public version. If you’re a beta tester, you’ll be able to have both the released version and the beta version installed on your phone at the same time.


Wow Abe,

I just signed up to this discussion board and I’ve gotta admit, your campaign is already a lot more structured and transparent than all others I’ve been part of before.

Thanks a lot for your commitment to film and the community around it!

I love the quality my Coolscan gives me but I seriously can’t wait to feel the joy of getting fast, shareable images for people to enjoy!



I can not wait for this APP. We’ve been needing something like this for a long time! Thanks


Thanks! The film shooting community is great: lots of nice, supportive, helpful people. I hope FilmLab can be my useful contribution to it.

Out of curiosity, can you capture a 16-bit tiff with your Coolscan, with no color conversion applied? I’d be interested to compare the results of doing the color conversion in your scanning software vs. scanning in a negative and then converting it with FilmLab.


Can’t wait for the beta release, keep up the good work! :sunglasses:


Hey, @abe I know you said these were rough release dates, any updated info to give us a better idea when to expect the first beta? Can’t wait!!!


I take it for the beta, we will get a code to redeem via testflight, is that right Abe?


Yep, TestFlight for iOS and a Google Play beta test group for Android.


I didn’t get too much into detail with it yet. I do know however that I can scan 16-bit RAW data output alongside the JPGs for viewing and TIFFs for editing. That way, should I wish to go back and “rescan” something, I have all the information already there. This RAW file is basically as-is from the scanner. It then needs to be processed by ColorPerfect which is a plugin for Photoshop.
I guess this is what you are referring to right?



Great app. Can’t wait. I have a bunch of negatives and buying a scanner for just these negatives is just a not an viable option.

Thanks for keeping us updated in such a transparant way.

Good luck!



I’m OS Android 7, and have a box full of negatives, (few hundred rolls) and I cannot wait to start testing. Will this be the best place to give feedback or are you going to develop an in app feedback method?

Thanks! @abe


Yep, exactly! So I guess what you’d be seeing would be the comparison between ColorPerfect’s conversion and FilmLab’s conversion, both using the same input data.

I think your approach is exactly right, btw - it makes a lot of sense to split up the tasks of scanning and color conversion. You don’t want to have to capture the negative all over again just because you decided to adjust your output settings.


I would just like to echo Jim’s comment here. I’ve been part of several KickStarter campaigns and this one is the best organized of any of them. I have every hope this will turn out to be a very positive experience with a “killer app” at its end - unlike the projects I have backed previously.

Big thumbs up Abe!


Happy Beta1 day everyone :slight_smile:


Is it really Beta1 day? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Szia Attila,

I think so - July 27th. Well that is in Japan - we are in the future so it’ll be 28th for me realistically if Abe isn’t delayed with the release which is of course a possibility.



what should I do to be able to download the beta?
I’ve TestFlight installed, is this enough?
thank you.


Hey Everyone! The Beta 1 release is really close, but I still have a few more things to check off the task list. I’ve been working long days trying to have it ready to go out today, but it looks like it’s probably going to slip until Friday or Monday. I’ll be sending out a full update to Kickstarter backers soon. In the meantime, @bullx is right - if you have an iOS device you can install the TestFlight app to be ready to receive the beta. Android users, make sure you have a Google account set up to download for the Google Play store.

Can’t wait to get this first beta out in the world! I’m very excited (and, I will admit, nervous) to get a build of FilmLab running on other people’s devices and hearing feedback on what works and what doesn’t.


If this were you want us to post comments on the Beta?


Thank you so much Abe!
I installed The app today and although there were bugs (as mentioned in the release notes) I felt exactly the joy that I was envisioning when I backed your kickstarter project. I have only played around for a bit but the next days I will get to do some more serious testing and will post my findings.
I am positive that this app will be a very important and game changing one for the whole film community!
Have a good night/ day everyone!