Beta and release schedule


Has the codes for Testflight been sent out?


They should’ve arrived. I don’t think it is a rolling launch as it happens with bigger communities.

You should get an email from apple. See my attached picture.



Thanks. Gmail put it in the spam folder.

So for anyone waiting for the codes, Google might think it’s spam.


Well, I’ve got Beta 1. Not sure what I’m supposed to do with it :slight_smile:

I’m viewing a strip of Provia 400. It shows a wavering positive interpretation which seems (intermittently) usable. I can click on the screen and it opens a negative capture of the strip in a Sharing panel. Or I click on the icon, and it opens Photos in Moments mode (but with no photos).

That’s it. So far.


This is a great place for that! In fact, I’m going to start a new thread right now specifically for talking about beta 1 (something I should have done yesterday!)


Hi @abe,

August 24: Beta 3

is Beta 3 still in progress?


Hi Jay,

The next beta is getting close. The iOS version should be ready around Friday and the Android version around next Monday. (There’s some UI work involved in this update so the iOS and Android versions both require quite a bit of separate development time.)

The frequency of beta releases slowed down in August (for some more on this see my latest Kickstarter update), but now that September is here is I expect to get back to a regular schedule of releases every 1-2 weeks.


Looking forward to the next beta. Thanks, Abe.


Does anyone know when the beta update for Android will be available??


good monday @abe, any news on the new IOS beta planned for Friday? I cant wait to test it.


Hey guys! It took a few extra days, but version 0.2 for iOS is pending review and should be out later tonight or tomorrow. I’m working on the Android update now - much of the code is shared, but the user interface needs to be re-implemeted on Android so that will take a few more days. Version 2.0 for Android should be ready around the end of next week.


Abe, thanks for all your hard work. As a film person this app and its possibilities really are exciting.

Re the latest revision, I recieved notification from Test Flight that the update was available yesterday afternoon for some reason, and only on one of my 2 approved devices. Thought I’d mention this in case it’s important. Otherwise I’l just waiting excitedly for the new release like everyone else!

Ive got a huge box filled with negatives of every kind and size to play with it and the new cropping feature will be great for testing it with wider frames and half-frames especially. Looking forwasrd to it.



Abe, is version 2.0 ready for Android yet? Don’t see it on Google play store. Using Google Pixel.
Thanks, Marty


Hi Marty,

I’m still working on the Android version of 0.2. This release has required a lot of work on the Android side, but it’s getting there, and the core foundation of the Android app has improved a lot in the process. At this point all the new features are in place (updated UI, rotation support, crop tool, raw capture, etc), but there are still bugs to fix. Hopefully it won’t be more than a few more days.


Thanks for the update.


Hi Abe

Today is November 10th and we are still on iOS version 0.2 - is an update in the works?



Any more updates? Can we at least get an update?


I apologize sincerely for the lack of updates. I’ve been working on improving color accuracy, which turned out to be a surprisingly big project. I’ve kept thinking I’m almost done, and waiting to post an update until I had some sample images to include, but there have been so many parts to get working and it’s taken a long time. Meanwhile the days have been flying by since I’ve really been immersed in the work. I’m embarrassed that it’s been so long since my last update. I’m going to write up a report of my progress to date and get the update posted. Thanks for reminding me!


Hi Abe!

No apology necessary! I suspect your app is more than just a little complicated. I am encouraged with what I’ve seen so far and I know it’s just going to get better.

So you know, I inherited a huge trove of old family photos and negatives. The last version of your app, while not perfect, really helped my sort through the negatives. I’m pretty good at “reading” negatives, but the app really helped my workflow and reduce the headaches and eye strain. Thank You for that!

I look forward to your improvements on this great app.

Phil Corlis.


Hi Abe my testflight version is going to expire in 24 hours, any plan for a new release?
Let us know, thank you!