Beta and release schedule


I’m getting ready to push an update right now… sorry for letting it get so close to the expiration time! Hopefully Apple will get the review done quickly :grimacing:


Great! This is fantastic! Thank you @Abe can’t wait to test the new release!


last day of january…@abe give us some update :slight_smile:


Thanks for asking! I’ll be writing a full update via blog/newsletter soon, but I’ll give you a preview: The new color conversion engine is finished, and I’m super happy with how it came out! It was a whole lot of work, but I think in the end it was worth it. I’ll include some example images in the update so you can see the before-and-after. I’ll also share a few technical details about how everything works, which hopefully will shine some light one why this part of the project took so long.

I’m working on updating the app to support this new technology. The next release will be an infrastructure update that adds the new color engine, full support for managed color (including wide gamut displays!), and true black-and-white output. After that, I’ll finally be able to get back to adding new features :sweat_smile:


glad to hear things are going well.
ready for testing :wink:


Great to hear progress is still being made! I look forward to the update.



Just stumbled upon this wonderful concept after being frustrated at trying to do something about the tons of negatives in every size that I have boxed. Your app sounds like it is just the ticket. I want to purchase and/or be involved in testing your product. Thanks so much.