Bug report missing icons


I wanted to report some bugs I ran into on Beta 1 1.Had hard time finding single frame stared using a film holder and was able to find a single frame 20% of the time with it. 2. Never got a focus icon or capture icon just took photo when I touched center of frame and gave me a share and reject icon. 3. Hard time getting a focus point (Not sure how close to hold phone to film) I look forward to new releases (any time frame on new releases) and getting app working like intro video.


Pretty much exact same experience.


That would summarise my experience also. Let’s wait on next update.


Also my experience. Except I get recognition 0% of the time. Just touching the screen captures everything and then the 2 icons on the right do nothing but dump the app back to the dash/springboard.

Looking forward to fixes etc in next release!


I’ve gotten some good captures.


Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences. If you wouldn’t mind, it would be very helpful if you could provide the following information:

  1. Model phone you’re using
  2. Light source you’re using
  3. Type of film you’re capturing
  4. Any details about your setup, such as whether the film is in a sleeve or film holder, what kind of ambient light is in the room, etc.

Thanks! Having this information will help me troubleshoot problems faster.