Color Management


Hey Abe - really looking forward the app!

Was wondering, are you adding manual color/contrast adjustments in the preview phase?

Would be great to have a way to tweak colors before doing the scan like a dedicated film scanner and silverfast or vuescan.


I always thought about it this way:
why not do a white balance of the light table used, then do a white balance of the given filmstrip’s base material (between frames or before/after them) and use this data to give a starting point for a good color rendition. If the values for color temperature and tint are displayed and changeable by the user it would give everyone more control and transparency regarding why certain emulsions behave a certain way.

What do you guys think?


White balance adjust would be an excellent additional feature, to be honest it would be essential and I hope it’s included!


Just thought about this. I would assume people have light tables with varying color gamut outputs, so WB calibration would be excellent, but wouldn’t it be enough to just calibrate from the light that the light table transmits only? I mean, the film is already “set” in its colours?