Corect email address can't install app


App not available

A testing version of this app hasn’t been published yet or isn’t available for this account.
If you’ve been invited to become a tester, make sure you’re signed in to the account that was invited to the testing program. If you’ve been invited to a Google Group or Google+ Community as part of the program, make sure you’ve joined the Group or Community.

Despite your remarks that in case the app is not available the login address does not match, i have only one address and are not able to install the test app.


On iOS, you install the Test Flight app. Once you identify yourself, Test Flight will show the beta app.

On Android I just don’t know.

What’s your platform?


Platform is Android.


HI @kabalebo! A couple of suggestions based on feedback from other Android users:

  1. Try going to the invite page on your actual device
  2. Try doing an action on the Google Play store, like installing an update to a different app, and then go back to the FilmLab beta page. Apparently it’s possible to be “half logged in”, where you appear to be logged in but aren’t fully authenticated, and attempting to download another app fixes this.