Didn't receive email invite for Beta


I am a backer and on August 1 received an email telling me that the Beta was uploaded and should be approved by iOS in 24 hours. I’m still waiting for my download link and am super excited to try the app, I see people have had it for a few days and admit it makes me frustrated cause I am an early backer. Anyway to get me my link?


Never mind, had a friend explain I needed Test Flight, might help if I actually read all my emails huh?


Glad you figured it out! :smiley:


I am in the same situation . How do I download the app. I found the link in an old email from kickstart but it says No longer available. Thanks



Exactly the same for me. The last TestFlight email did not contain a link. The links in the older mails are not valid anymore. Could you please resend the invitation.

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