Expand app to include iPads


It would be wonderful the app would also work on iPads.



Yes, I would find having the app work on my iPad (a universal app?) very useful in my research.



I agree it’d be good to have a companion iPad app, to scan yes, but I think it could turn into your light source/scan aligning.

One Idea:

  • The iPad app could display a grid to line your negatives up with and then switch to the light once triggered by the iPhone app. I have the 12" iPad Pro, and I could fit quite a bit on it!

I’m curious how many of you own an iPad?[poll type=regular public=true]

  • Yes - 10" in or larger
  • Yes - 9" in or smaller
  • No


Nice poll @RedFox!

I have an iPad mini, but I’m thinking about getting one of the new Pros. An iPad definitely has the potential to be a great tool for working with film images. FilmLab should support running on iPads just fine, although I haven’t tested it yet. I’ll give it a try next week and report back.


Nice poll–except, there is an 9.7 inch iPad now and that is what I own.

So poll should probably say less than 10 inches instead of less than 9.

Glad to hear that app should work with iPads.


Good point, but if you think about it 9.7 is practically 10 :sunglasses:


Ha ha. But not if you are a scientist and exactness matters.

Thanks. Put me in the greater than 10 category then.


I think only you can edit your vote.


What about a Samsung Tab 10.1.2014.! I have one. Maybe the app works this Tab too!


Results from testing on my iPad (I actually ended up getting one of the new basic 9.7" models):

  • Good: FilmLab works
  • Bad: Minimum focus distance is noticeably farther away compared to my iPhone 7, so you can’t fill as much of the frame with a negative.