Feature Suggestions


Abe, I just had a few suggestions that might alleviate a few of the issues that users are experiencing.

  1. Allow the user to select Auto, Negative, or Positive for the type of film they are scanning, and default to auto. That way, an inexperienced user would still be able to make use of the automatic detection but could override if the detection isn’t working as expected. This would also allow experienced users to simply say what type of image they are attempting to digitize

  2. Allow the user to select Color or Black and white. Black and white negatives get some funny color casts during the detection process now and have to be corrected in an edit, making the workflow take longer.

  3. Use the UI to indicate what frame you are scanning. A box around the scan area would be fantastic. I know in iOS they have event triggers for TouchDown and TouchUpInside, touch down could show the box around the frame you are scanning and touch up inside could execute the capture. That way, if I put my finger down I know what I’m getting, and I get a cancel option by dragging my finger off the frame. I don’t know what kind of challenge the frame detection would add if you are doing it live though, might be a tough nut to crack performance wise.

Looks like a great first beta though, excited to see the update!



  • FilmLab makes an ID of the frame, presents it to user
  • User can adjust the corners of the frame, then confirm

Example of an app that demonstrates this UI: “TurboScan” which BTW is an excellent “scan to pdf” app.


I am noting that if FilmLab is processing an image that has no border, it fails. For example, seeing only a portion of the original negative, or processing a shot that has already been cropped. FilmLab just shows the negative.

Suggest feature: If FilmLab can’t find the frame, assume you are looking at the negative to be converted, just convert it.


Thanks for these suggestions! @dhopewell and @ColSebastianMoran, you guys are thinking along the exact same lines for I am.

This is actually a bug in the current version, it’s using color negative conversion for black and white images. Correct black and white conversion is coming soon.

This is the direction things are going, although it will be a few more betas before the UI for all of this gets built out. Everything that’s manually editable (film type, borders, exposure, contrast, etc.) should be adjustable after capture.

I’ve been thinking along these lines, and agree that this makes sense. I definitely want to provide as much real-time feedback as possible in the UI so you can understand what the automatic settings are doing and make correction as necessary.


Sounds great @abe, thanks for being so responsive