FilmLab beta release 0.2 for Android


I’m happy to say that FilmLab 0.2 for Android is not ready for beta testers to download! Full release notes are here:

Sorry it took so long guys. There turned out to be a lot to do, and there were some Android-specific challenges which were new to me and took a while to figure out. But now I would say the Android version of FilmLab has fully caught up to the iOS app - and is even ahead in some areas!

Android users, please grab the update and let me know how it works for - it’s working well on the few Android devices that I have for testing, but I’ll feel better about it once I get some reports from the real world.


Not usable for me. Starts off with a black screen. On tapping the screen, displays whatever the camera picks up but is very laggy and unresponsive then crashes a bit later. I’m using a Nexus 6P.


Something seems very wrong!

I installed the new version on both my mobiles.

ZTE Axon 7, recent Android Nougat --> App crashes on start and closes instantly.
Samsung Galaxy S5 (Android Nougat installed via Lineage) --> Same behavior.


Silly question, but where do I install Filmlab for my SAMSUNG S7 Galaxy if and when it becomes available? I checked the app store and don’t see any mention of it.


Thanks for those reports guys. I have a cloud service that lets me test the app on various Android devices, but unfortunately I don’t have access to any of those models. I’ll try to find a way to reproduce your issues and get them fixed ASAP!


You have to opt in to the beta - see instructions here. And I’ll also need the email address you use for the Google account on your Android phone, if it’s different from your Kickstarter account email. You can DM me with that email address if necessary and I’ll get you set up!


Hi Abe,

Oneplus 3T here. Getting some strange colour shift. also it doesn’t seem to capture frames anymore.

thx for the work




I just released beta build 0.2.2, which fixes issues that were causing the app to crash at startup on certain models. @dluchiu and @Willdmo, please give it a try and let me know if it fixes the problems you were having!


Thanks for posting that screenshot. That’s interesting, it looks like FilmLab isn’t properly recognizing the video format coming from your phone camera. What happens when you tap on the screen? Does the app crash?

I’d also be curious to know if the new 0.2.2 build changes anything. Thanks for helping me get to the bottom of it!



Hi Abe,
Still starting off with a black screen so I’m not able to see the ‘view finder’. Im able to flip, rotate, and save an image though so the camera works, just not getting a preview before capture :slight_smile:


I did not test it fully, but now at least it starts. instant crashes got fixed!


Hi @abe, got time to test the 0.23 version even yet.

Devices: Huawei P9 Smartphone, Huawei Media Pad 3 Tablet, booth Android 7. Following results are the same on booth devices.

Light source: LED light table
Film: 35mm, b/w Agfa APX 100 (also tested Fujifilm Color C200)

App is unable to detect frames automatically in 90% of the cases.

Resulted scans of b/w Film are extremely noisy, low quality:


Hi Abe,

using the app on a Sony Xperia with Android 5, lightsource is a 7’’ tablet. The app still fails at detecting frames. And it seems to be constantly changing colour temperature, adding strange and ever shifting hues to the picture.
Still, great progress since beta 0.1! Thx for the great work!



the app doesn’t crash. Downloaded the latest version. Can get the 4 options and used them. There is still a colour shift and the picture seems to be fuzzy. More so then in the earlier versions


Yeah, my charter email for Kickstarter is different than my Gmail. It also has been known to not always send Kickstarter updates. So to get that link set up handle it would be on a different email. I thought I had sent a message on Kickstarter asking about a link to be sent to my different gmail ( ). So that one, versus my Kickstarter email, would be the most likely to be sent out to it.


Im on 0.2.3 on OnePlus 2 which is Android 6.0.1.

Just crashes at startup.