Filmlab iOS Update?


Hey @abe,
I was wondering where the update is standing? I thought it was supposed to come last week or the week before even? You mentioned a second part of a blog post as well if I am not mistaken.


Hey Jim, the update just hit TestFlight so it should be ready for you to download! I apologize for the delay. At first there were some performance issues making the live video preview run slow on older phones, so I had to spend a week reworking that part of the app to be faster. The good news is that now it runs faster (and at higher resolution and with less CPU and battery use) for everyone.

Next up: catching up on my blog posts :flushed:


Thanks got the update. Still not sure if I am doing this right. Before I take a snapshot of the negative it looks good on the phone. Once I take the shot the film strip turns a magenta hue. Why?

Also doesn’t seem like I can get a high resolution of the negative. Looks like.a picture I took with a first generation digital camera 20 years ago


Thanks for that report. It looks like I may have set some of the raw processing options wrong. Working on a fix now!


ok thanks abe! i wasn’t sure if i did something wrong. one time after it turned magenta, and i went to crop and save it, the image went back to normal but again, the resolution was really bad.

fyi, i’m on an iPhone x and running the latest ios.