Filmlab vaporware?


Is this vaporware now ?

Every now and then we receive a message with an update and a promise for a new test version, but those promises are never kept and we’re still left with the early prototype version from October 2017…

Or is there something wrong with the play store beta subscription and are the new builds not coming through?


Are you on android?

The IOS version dropped a couple of days ago.


on IOS we got the latest update during the week end so I can reassure you it’s definitely NOT vapourware


oh nice to hear!! Android is always a little bit behind, but that’s no problem.

In the latest ‘newsflash’ there was talk about an update and more news in June, and June went by without hearing anything… and that wasn’t the first time there was talk about ‘more news soon’ and it just went quiet… It
was giving me the feeling that something was wrong.

If a new iOS update dropped last weekend then there is activity for sure :).


I’m an original backer and feel like I wasted my money. No updates. App doesn’t work on my Pixel phone. Anyone else frustrated??


Im original backer too, but I backed this because I can see the dev wants to get it right and that takes times. Im a developer myself so I know its very difficult to predict how long something will take to put together when theres no libraries available - this dev is rolling his own from scratch so its going to take time, way longer than he probably thought.

Im on android too and the releases so far havnt been very useful, but I think this dev is passionate about getting it right, so Im going to patiently wait.


Another newsletter… a lot of talk about 1.0, yet no Android update or talk about the Android version.

The beta program for Filmlab also seems to have been stopped on the Play Store… I’m getting an uneasy feeling again…