iOS 0.3 Too many bugs


The new version for iOS 0.3 is very difficult to test.
iOS 11.3
iPhone X

Attempting to tap the screen to take an image takes multiple attempts and 9/10 dont work.
50% of the time the app crashes when it finally does take an image.
so far getting a single image in focus is proving very difficult.

I will test on another iPhone and see if I get the same results…but currently its extremely frustrating to test. I’ll need to continue waiting for a more stable version before spending extended time with the app.


Not getting all these issues. But it died crash a lot and throws fits where it seems to lose detection.

It’s getting there.


I had fair results with 0.2, but haven’t used it for months. Was waiting for upgrade. Tried with same negatives and same phone (6s). Doesn’t work at all. Unable to detect (I only shoot b&w)


Might be ios11.3, but it takes at least 10 attempts to scan a B&W negative and then when I finally get something at least 1/3 are not usable


Doing better here than the above comments. Here’s from my usual test shot, a Fuji 200 negative, this from an SLR capture of the negative, not Filmlab on the negative itself.

Color here is still a little off, but getting closer. Keep up the good work Abe!

Details: Overall balance is close. A little too contrasty overall; both blacks and white are OK in the negative, but now lost. Coke red is too dark, Kodak yellow/orange a bit off. As I said, getting closer.


Is it just not optimized for B&W yet? In over 50 attempts I only was able to get one correct capture of a B&W negative and it was out of focus. Most of the time it shifts to color after the capture, or simply goes full black. If I use a black frame holder to keep the negative flat, its impossible to get any capture as it exposes for the black frame rather than the negative.


Finally I’ve found some time for testing the new FLA version.
My setup is, as usual:

  • Iphone 7+
  • Zeiss macro exolens (the superb)
  • Led lightpad
  • 35mm film (both bw and color)

I’m mainly a bw boy, but for testing pourposes I’ve digged up some old color film from a trip in China since this release is mainly focused on color conversion.

Shooting direcltly from filmlab app.


The color engines makes an overall good job but colors are a little bit oversaturated (as @ColSebastianMoran has alteady pointed out) in my opinion.
Also it seems to me that the FLA camera live preview gives a more natural feeling than the acquired image.
I understand there is some processing after image capure, but the preview looks more natural imho.


At the moment it looks like FLA treats bw films as color ones, I’ve a strong reddish tint that of course is not present on the bw film. The film (illdord fp4)has a very very weak blu/purple color that may be the cause of this issue.

Note that the live preview shows a correct bw (positive) image, but after capturing the red dominant is introduced.

Since framing feature has not been improved I am not writing about this, but the touch-first-shot-when-steady feature worked fine for me (the iPhone was hold by a support)

@abe please think about allowing video upload, IOS allows for screen recording and I think this can be useful for you abd for testers.

Thank you for your work.


Tested with FilmLab pointed directly at the negative. Virtually identical result.

(iPhone 7+, Fuji 200 film, LED light panel, macro lens – all worked as expected: capture, crop, save file, email file)


Must be an issue with B&W negs…I’ll test color next.


Hi guys,

You are all correct in pointing out these bugs in 0.3. In particular there was an issue with the way the color conversion handled 16-bit raw input. That’s why a lot of times the output actually looked worse than the live preview. I have a fix going into Apple for testing very shortly, it should be approved in the next 1-2 days.

It’s always a bit of a tricky balance deciding when to release a new beta, and this time I think I released it too early. FYI, TestFlight will let you view old builds and install them if they haven’t expired. So if you ever install a new beta release and wish you hadn’t, you can roll back to the old version in TestFlight.

Momentum is building behind the scenes here, guys! I have a lot more to share with you in the coming weeks. Thanks so much for your patience and thorough testing!