iOS Release 0.2.2 (6)


Hello @abe,
Just wondering, didn’t you say that each time you switched between developping for iOS and Android versions you would make incremental advancements that would be included in the next version of the other operating system’s app?
In the last Android version you introduced some new lossless editing tools. What is the plan regarding these? Are you still working on the iOS version or are you back on Android?

Other that that i can say that the current build is pretty stable so far for me on iOS 11.1.2 and the iPhone X. Have aqcuired a macro lens but it’ll be worthless for this purpose as it has a lot of distortion and the field of focus gets curved like crazy too…
It’s part of the Rhinoshield Case System, so can’t recommend this one for scanning film.

One thing that bothers me: is it a bug that the preview frame is different to the image area being captured in the app? Because I try to frame the filmstrip pretty close but also leave a bit of wiggle room around it. When I capture it I see a whole lot more was being captured… now to compensate I basically have to frame too close, cutting off the frame on all sides in the preview to get a bigger frame size. It works but it’s a really annoying issue as you have to guess everytime!

Also which lens is the app using on iPhone X? I’m guessing the wide angle (default?). Would it be possible to switch between the lenses to maybe get better distortion characteristics?

I wish everyone a relaxing Christmas time!


Forgot to add some example images.
I tried doing a dual workflow with ProCam and FilmlabApp. I’m not really sure which way is better. The second frame I uploaded twice. The first was taken right with Filmlab, the second I captured in ProCam (see screenshot attached) and then only converted in Filmlab. There is a red colorcast in the upper left side of the image in the Filmlab-only picture but the trees in the background especially show that the sharpness is better compared to the second image.
Any thoughts?
I tried shooting HDRs in ProCam but couldn’t use them in Filmlab, I touch the image but it wouldn’t open. This would’ve maybee helped in the first skyline picture as the contrast is barely containable. The buildings on the middle left still show some blooming highlights.

Overall the workflow through ProCam is still better right now as the settings are repeatable. I can change focus, color temperature and exposure and nail the exact values again or tweak them little by little until the desired age is achieved.


Installed the latest version and i must say its getting better. I still need to do more testing though. The app was crashing when i tried to save to camera roll but I didn’t realize there was this version and after updating i am now able to save to camera roll.


Great feedback and questions, as usual! :slight_smile:

The next iOS update (0.3) will have a whole new editor UI and a lot more tools. I haven’t bothered to add the additional tools from the last Android build since I new the UI was going to change anyway.

My plan is to add a toggle on the live view screen where you can choose whether to fill the entire screen or show the full image that will be captured. The trend in phones like the iPhone X is for the aspect ratios to get wider and wider, whereas the camera native aspect ratio is still 4:3. Depending on what you’re doing, it may or may not be better to fill the whole screen, so I think it makes sense to make this a toggle.

That’s a good reason to consider switching cameras. I’ll do some testing and see if I can add that feature!


The second camera (56mm equiv) has a minimum focus of 1’ (at least on the 7Plus). Therefore, it will only get a very low res capture of a 35mm negative. Try an alternative camera app that lets you control which camera to see this.


You’re right, I just checked. It’s about 20 cm / 8 in with the iPhone X and its 6 mm lens (52 mm equiv. to fullframe). For 35 mm it’s not helpfull but for anything above 6x6 it might help a lot. There’s nothing preventing the use of FilmLab with large format or is there @abe ?


Nope, nothing! I don’t have any large format negs to scan, but I did just pick up a Polaroid Land camera (model 195) and some Fuji FP-100c peek-apart film. I’m going to keep the negs and try scanning them using FilmLab. Very interested to see what kind of results I can get with such a large negative.