Metadata feature suggestion


Hi FilmLab community,

I would really like to see the app have metadata capability. Organising your captured images on the computer gets tricky as negatives do not have metadata like digital captures.

Being able to add the following fields to the app before capture would be really useful as your collection fills up with hundreds of scanned images.

Film type

After the image is captured there could be a star rating to select before saving.

Please share what metadata would be useful for you, my list is very basic.




That’s a good point on capturing metadata. I do find that my scanning film images end up kind of haphazardly mixed into my photo library, with a lot of missing metadata, and most vexingly incorrect dates based on the scan date instead of when the roll was shot. Full-fledged organizational tools are probably beyond the scope of FilmLab for now, but it could at least help you attach metadata to the files you’re creating. I’ll think about it!

To your list of metadata, I’ll add:

ISO or stops pushed/pulled

And for people who keep really good notes:

Shutter speed


Some apps also add a dedicated folder in the photo library (I think VSCO does that by default) to store their pictures. Could that also help keeping all scanned images in one place?