My first test - 6x6 negative BW


My first test from a 6x6 negative. Fomapan 400 in Xtol. Just a few contrast corrections on my iPad.
Fumbled a bit, could not find an exposer button on the screen. Don’t know if I should press the screen to make an exposer? (- or do the program it automatically)
The resolution is only 72 ppt, but it understand it will com with higher resolutions later.

Promising. Look forward for next release :slight_smile:

(Sorry for my English)




Looks good so far! I haven’t had a chance to use the app just yet (Android) but I’m excited to start testing.

Thanks for sharing, and your English is fine :slight_smile:



Hi OM,

This looks better than my first colour scan, which is very diffuse. I am having trouble holding what I consider to be the best view. I have tried three colour 6x6 negs and the position of the iPhone seems to be absolutely critical and very difficult to hold, a nerve twitch sends the image haywire!

But this is just the first day of the first beta… The ability for the app to see that I have a 6x6 negative on the light source seems spot on, in that it identifies the borders and shoots just the one frame, even though there is one and a bit frames to focus on.

So far, so good.




Hi OM,

Thanks for sharing! Looks very promising.




Struggling a bit. I just tried 35mm black and white and just can’t get the beta to grab me an image at all. It is capturing the negative as a negative.

My light source may not be helping as I’m using a diffused iPad.

So I’m looking for a better light source and will try again.



Thanks for starting this thread, @omu. That’s a nice image, and future releases of FilmLab should hopefully do a better job capturing it :slight_smile:.

Manual controls haven’t been implanted yet, but those will be coming in a future version. Also, the dynamic range and resolution should improve a lot, especially for devices that support raw capture. I’m working on a second beta release that will contain mostly bug fixes, but after that I should be able to work on improving output quality again.


Thanks for sharing that sample of an image that didn’t convert - having sample images like that is very helpful for debugging. It seems like people using iPads as light sources are having a particularly bad time with the automatic frame recognition, so I suspect there’s some kind of bug related to having an LED grid as light source. I’ll see if I can get that fixed for the next beta release.


Hello there,I really like this App.But could you tell where can I download it…I don’t know how to use my phone to download it