Proof sheets feature


People have asked for proof sheet support in FilmLab, and I think that’s a great idea.


Hi! What about film sheets? 4X5 will be great !


That would be fantastic. I’ve been looking for a headache free way of doing that.


This would be a great feature, would make organisation and workflow more time efficient.


For me that would be the main feature to buy it: +100!


Large format film will be supported. In theory it should already work, although it hasn’t been tested with real film yet (I need to get my hands on some large format negs for testing).


Hey Abe! This is a good news. There are not so many scanners for large format! Thanks!


Agreed, makes initial ingest a whole lot smoother.


It would be great if the app could handle bleached FP-100C negs. The film base is an unusual colour so if there was a custom inversion preset that’d be really useful


It should. Once you get the beta I’d love to have you try it out and report back. I’m happy to make adjustments if needed.


I’ve got (as I’m sure many have) lots of different colour emulsion film ready to scan, they have been scanned before via the lab so it will be great to see how film lab differentiates between Ektar, Portra, Press, Vista etc etc.

It will be interesting!


Sure, I’m happy to do that


Proof sheets is a fantastic feature, and needed in my workflow.


For now, would it be helpful just to have a way to capture what FilmLab is showing in live preview mode?



Right now I use a DSLR to capture an 18MP RAW image of the negatives on my lightbox as shown here Light source suggestions
The issue is that the individual frames are not very high resolution. My concept for contact sheets is as follows:
Step1. Lay out the negatives on the lightbox
Step2. Enter data about the negative; when, where, film type, keywords.
Step3. Quickly capture the frames one at a time with a minimum of button presses (accept/reject). Next strip button would be useful so the app knows the contact sheet layout.
Step4. App creates a contact sheet (large jpg) that matches your negatives, with metadata embedded in the file.

Major advance over traditional darkroom methods or dslr capture would be that each frame would be exposed and colour corrected individually, getting over lighting and exposure differences on a negative.

Hope this concept works for others too…



sounds great just to get an overview whats on the film somuch pain in the butt to do that with a flatbet or even higher end minolta dimagemultiscanpr takes for ever .)

cheers janosch


Absolutely yes!! This would actually be one of my main uses for filmlab.