Reflections off negitive


How does film lab handle reflections on the film when taking an image of it?

I tried to just take a photo of my 4x5 image and couldn’t get a good one without a lot of reflections on the negative.

Any suggestions?


How about a hood, similar to the type used to see under water from a boat, made from flat black poster board? Make the bottom big enough to cover a strip of 35mm and/or your 4x5, tapering up to the height at which you want to shoot with the top opening slightly larger than your lens.


I made one and sadly I still get a small reflection of the lens in the image. :frowning:


I shot through a CPL and bam! Problem solved


I don’t know what a CPL is, please help? :slight_smile:


No Problem

It’s a circular polarizer

See below for my jury rig