Reflections on negative


Any methods on dealing with the phone’s reflections on the negative scans?


I haven’t seen this problem. Thoughts:

  • Reduce the light that creates reflections… Block light from areas outside the picture area
  • Reduce reflection of phone (I use a black, non-reflective phone case, this probably helps a lot)


Heyho, the plan is: build a cabinet of black cardboard with a hole only for the camera’s lens. Cabinet should as great as the lens field of view matching to 24*36mm. So you have no reflections and every time the right distance for scanning. Good example is that scanning box which you can get from the lomography store.


This is what I did; putting a circular polarizer in front of the camera lens helps a lot too. It can also decrease the shutter speed so there is no banding


What if looks like when I shoot through it


@Troutness, that’s interesting. Thanks.