Resolution, cropping, frame detection... lots of issues!


LG G5, Andoid 7.0, FilmLab 0.2.3
I’ve found the time to test the app again, now getting rid of reflections and optimizing the light source.
But I still fight with the following issues:

  1. frame detection is not consistent, it dosen’t work properly and leaves me with scanned film strips that have
  2. a very low resolution. @Abe please look at the uploaded screenshot where you can see the image sizes. The app doesn’t make use of the sensor’s capability I guess.
  3. Regarding the user interface I still don’t know how to interpret the purple border across the moile’s screen. And why do I see this “film strip ghost image” on my screen[see below]??

I have uploaded a few pics that hopefully explain these issues… The sample scans were taken in a row, highlighting the mentioned inconsistend frame recognition.



Aaah I forgot to upload the scan sizes…


I’m running into the same issues on the iOS side and… additionally, the app crashes at times upon tapping the arrow to save to camera roll. The tighter the zoom, the more propensity to crash


same here. still having issues even with the latest update.

i am on latest iOS and iphone x.

before i take the pic, i get a better looking picture than after i take the pic with the filmlab app. the pic becomes way over exposed or washed out look. i take a screenshot and colors looks way better. in addition to the pic being washed out, resolution is still unacceptable.

does it make a difference on my light box? i am using an app that outputs bright white backlight on an ipad. i put my negative on that and use my iphone x to take the shot. i don’t want to spend over $100 just yet on a real lightbox made for photography until i know this filmlab app is decent. otherwise i will just go back to scanning my images in using my scanner. so much more reliable. patience is kind of running out here and also losing interest.


Hi guys,

I know it’s been a long development cycle and progress can seem slow at times. I think if you can stick around through the 0.3 series of beta releases and see what’s coming in the 0.4 series, you’ll be able to see a lot of visible progress. The frame detection part of the code actually hasn’t been touched since version 0.1 came out, as all of my time has been spent in other areas. But the lack of good frame detection is definitely the worst part of using FilmLab now. The time has come to improve it! :smiley:

Thanks for pointing that out. I’m spending time working on the Android version all next week, so I’ll definitely look into that.


I’m seeing the low res issiues and once in a while a reflect of the light on the screen.

iPhone X