Testing IOS 0.3.2


Iphone 7+
Zeiss macro exolens (the superb)
Led lightpad
135 film (both bw and color)


@abe it is always better!
It looks like the results are no consistent between different shots of the same frame.
I suppose auto-exposure or touch-point-exposure are involved here.
Think about dividing the shot-when-i-touch and the define-exposure-from-this-point function as it looks like when i touch to shot my frame it also try some kind of localized exposure on the point where i touched.
I may be wrong, but exposure seem weak and does not allow to have consistent result.
My favourite would be RAW capture and transfer all the postorocessing (exposure, cropping etc) in a second moment.
Last note about the full screen area as shot button.
I think it will be a better choice to draw a localized shot button area, maybe it’s me but I often ‘shot’ accidentally trying to keep phone and frame in the correct position.
Thank you for your work.


Hey, these are great to see! Your results are definitely looking better :smiley:

You’re right about having a dedicated shot button. In the 0.4.x series I’m going to be making some big improvements to the live preview and capture part of the app, and that will be one of them.

Being able to copy and paste develop settings between images is also a really good idea. I may not be able to get that into version 1.0, but know that it’s on my to-do list.

Thanks for your thorough testing and feature suggestions!


Hi all

Though I would share a few quick scans. I also use the Zeiss lens but need a better light box. A mixture of acros, 400 tx


I may be a bit dense, but I couldn’t really figure out how to save the resulting image in the normal scenario. Is using the “share” button the preferred approach?


Running 0.3.2, launch app, hit the “flower”, select a photo of a negative, app appears to have crashed (screen flashes black, FilmLab disappears, iPhone goes back to the home screen). Repeatable, happens with both large files (12MPx shot from phone) and small files (e.g. 800px).

iPhone 7+, 11.2.6.


FWIW, same iPhone, point FilmLab at a negative, touch to capture, then adjust frame, save image, all OK. Color quality as previously reported for 0.3.1.


Nice looking results! I’m working on proper black-and-white support, which will give you more control over the contrast and look of your black and white images.


Thanks for letting me know! I did test that before release but a bug must have crept in. I’ll work on a fix.


I think it’s getting there. Few more. Again with zeiss lens. Cheap light box. I process my black and white film at home so not the best quality but the scans I’m quite happy with so far.


@Gillman have you converted your file grayscale yourself, or what I see is the FilmLab output?


Hi. These are FilmLab output. All I have done is increased the blacks and a little contrast.


you do not have any color tint, does this mean that in your case film lab understands the source is black and white?
wondering why it does not apply to my negatives :-/


Ah I see. Sorry yes I did remove a colour cast, I had forgotten. I had a slight magenta tint.


2017 iPad on masked 2 1/4 color neg on professional lightbox.

I am still unable to save scans. I have tried the arrow and the share button.

Here is what I just tried: Position and make exposure. Film Lab makes a positive in focus with much better color than earlier versions. I touch arrow expecting image to be exported to camera roll, but screen turns blank and “flower” replaces the arrow. I click on the flower and I am taken to “photos.” I click on camera roll and there is no image saved.

I see that other folks are able to save their scans but I cannot. What do I need to do? Thanks!


I’ve finally got round to trying it this morning, and so far can’t persuade it to actually take a photo of a negative.
Inverts them fine, looks good, tap on negative and nothing. Am I missing something? I’ve tried both MF and 35mm.


@rob once you tap the screen, the app waits until you keep the phone enought “still”.
try to put your phone and negative on some kind of support, let us know if this works.