Testing IOS 0.4.0, finally


Finally I had some time to perform some test.
The 0.4.0 version is, in my opinion, a HUGE step forward.
Really usable from the UX point of view, I really love to be able to interact by hand trying to get the result i wish instead of laying on full automatism.
It can grow stronger but it simply WORKS for me.
So @abe thank you for the effort, i think you are going in the correct direction.
For the tech part:
NO macro lens this time, I’ve purchased a lovely GS645 MF film rangefinder (6x4.5 frame, as the name suggest), and I’ve used my iPhone freehand, without any support, during the scan.

Here the file from filmlab

don’t mind the blurrines, the picture IS actually a bit out of focus.


this latest update for iOS is pretty good. finally seeing some real progress. attached is my pic. I used my iPad as the light source. is that why if you really zoom in you can see each pixel? like there is a screen in front of it,