Trying out 0.1.2(3) iOS


I’m using an iPhone 7plus with iOS11 latest build and am on the new version of Filmlab from this morning. I tried it for the first time today. I’m using a Huion light table from Amazon. I tried both some 35mm and some 120. The 35mm has the same issues everyone has been talking about. Won’t expose correctly, doesn’t find the frame etc. I wasn’t able to get a usable scan of anything there. I switched to 120 and was able to get this frame in the ballpark. The reference is a 4" print. It’s a bit grainy and the exposure is off, enough so that I can’t recover it in post.

From a handling /usability perspective, What I’m finding upon first use is that it’s a little too auto. It would seem that there would be a lot of usability in being able to control basic exposure pre-capture. I am finding that the auto is almost always overexposed regardless of the settings on my light source. I