Using images from Wikimedia Commons to test FilmLab


Hi all,

I just tried to use the latest update of FilmLab (on an iPhone SE) with a negative image from Wikimedia Commons and it worked pretty well.
Here is a link to the image on Wikimedia Commons:

here is the result:

Here is a link to a PDF that shows the “before” and “after” image

It was a little finicky (being the beta and all), but I helped it along by putting a white border around the image as shown in the file. I had to try it a number of times before it finally worked, but I did get it.

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Here’s a color test using this image from Wikimedia commons (the original image is of all three shown, my use of FilmLab is shown in the PDF:

Here are the results:

Here is the PDF so you can try it yourself.:


To be clear, both of these tests were done by me pointing my camera at my laptop’s monitor


Yes, FilmLab does a reasonable job when pointed at a negative image on the laptop screen.


Cool, it looks like someone else tried it as well!
Abe asked me to report on it, but I can only report on how well it works in general not how easy or hard it is compared to a light table. Have you done both and is one easier/more reliable than the other?


My best results are using the iPhone camera app, with the 2x lens on iPhone 7 Plus. Then use the flower icon, pick the shot from Moments, and let FilmLab process the image.

Pointing FilmLab at a negative image on screen is an interesting test, but I think the real use of this app is to point it at a negative strip.


Did not work for me with negative image filling screen on an iphone 4 and using the app on an iphone 6 with ios 10.3.3. The captured image was not reversed. What I got was a quite blue negative image!



I’m still struggling. I can’t get an image to turn to positive whether I scan with camera or import a pre scanned negative from saved images. Using the camera I do get a view to positive but when I touch screen to capture the capture saves as the negative. There is some attempt to trim the frames but isolation of s single frame hadn’t occurred yet.

I did get close with a colour negative via import, Mono negatives however won’t convert. I also tried this Big Ben negative without success.


Did you try it off of the original or off of the PDF I linked? I only got Big Ben to work with the white frame I put around it.


I’m sure it works better with the light table, I just don’t have one yet and wanted to try it out right away!


From images in iPhone photos.

Imported and opened in the app


Great idea, using public domain images to test negative conversion! I’ll try some of these examples myself and fix bugs as necessary to make them work right.

@Gillman, thanks for sharing that image! Having a source image like that is really helpful, because I can use it for testing and confirm that the bugs you’re seeing in the output have been fixed.


No worries. One more then. By the way I developed these at home so can’t be sure my chemistry was perfect so may be casts.