Welcome to the FilmLab community forum!


Welcome to the FilmLab community forums! FilmLab has a great community of savvy users, many of whom have years of experience shooting, developing, and scanning film. This site is a place to keep track of interesting things other people are doing with FilmLab, ask for help when you’re having problems, discuss the latest FilmLab updates, and share ideas for future features.

Community guidelines

This community forum is designed to be a friendly place for FilmLab users of all ages and backgrounds. Please be respectful. Differences of opinion are welcome, but please don’t insult other people or make personal attacks.

To keep this site focused and useful, please try to keep conversations on the topics of FilmLab, film scanning, and related subjects. There are many interesting topics of conversation in the world, and there are many discussion sites on the Internet, but this one is all about FilmLab :slight_smile:

This site is going to be a primary source for information on FilmLab, and will be used by people in a wide variety of situations, including at work and in schools. When you need to post sample images, please choose those that are free of nudity, sexual content, violence, or disturbing imagery. This will help keep this site accessible to everyone. Thanks!


Thanks for the information!