What a mistake? Help, please!


I don’t understand what the mistake is, but I couldn’t focus on any frames. It is frustrating.
use a Samsung Note4.
Has something similar happened to others?
Thank you


Thanks for letting me know! I’m hearing multiple reports of focus issues on certain models of Android phones, and I was recently able to reproduce the issue myself on a friend’s Galaxy S8. I’m working on a fix for it in the next beta. Rest assured, it’s not anything you’re doing wrong, it’s a bug.


I also had difficulties focusing. about half of the frames I could not get to focus with my iPhone 5s. At first I thought it was a sability issue but I tried shooting from different distances from my negatives and it did not help with the inability to focus.


Thank you Abe for the information. I look forward to the next version of FilmLab : -)