What About Resolution



I didn’t had the chance to test this app because i discovered it too late.

Here is my question : What about the resolution ? Does it depends on the phone ? For example with iPhone 6 or 7 ?

Does anyone tried to print a scan 35mm ?

Will it be really possible to print it or the app will be used only for screen ?


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of course it depends on the smartphone you use but also on the part of the picture that the negative takes up.
using a macro allows you to increase the area of the negative on the canvas (speaking of 35mm film)



What is the difference with LomoScanner 2 ?

Do you think it is possible to print a scan form a iphone 6 for example or it is just to use when you travel for a quickview of the result…

Can you give me some files size from your test ? (Pixel and Mo) ?

I thank you a lot.


With a typical cellphone camera (12 megapixel, typical minimum focal distance), a 35mm frame is going to to be about 1 megapixel if you get as close as you can and then crop the result. However, FilmLab has a feature (not yet enabled in current builds) where it can capture multiple raw images and merge the results to effectively double the resolution in each direction, which gives you more like 4 megapixels. If you use a macro/closeup lens to get closer to the film and fill more of the frame it should be possible to get good results in the 20-megapixel range, although that has yet to be proven in practice.


Thanks for this answer. :slight_smile:

When you tell “macro/closeup lens” it means that you don"t use a cellphone ?!! FilmLab is an app.

How do you do ?



You can find on the market macro/closeup lens for mobile phones


Yes, i understand.

Does anybody know the difference with LomoScanner 2 ?


About resolution with a macro lens: See this thread with some tests I’ve done.


  • Cheap macro lenses ($20) have wicked distortion, probably not usable
  • Moment Macro lens will make a 12MPx file, which is IMHO good for 12x15" print
  • Exolens with Optics by Zeiss, hard to find, some advantages, same print possible.


Thanks for this full answer