What am I doing wrong?


Hi there, I finally sat down with a new sleeve holder of negatives and tried this out. I’m using an iPhone 7 and a light box that Abe recommended while still in Kickstarter campaign mode. I have questions:

  1. I’m using TestFlight 0.12(3). I. Assuming this is the latest?
  2. I’m placing the neg sleeve on the light box and using enlarger glass over the sleeve like a firm plate. This stops the light streaks I got at the beginning but the quality of the images are very poor. Here’s a sample of an image that looks good on print and using my Epson to scan but looks terrible using the app.


What am I doing wrong?

  1. are there any best practices to help me with #2 above and getting a better scan?



Maybe taking the negatives out of the sleeves when scanning might help?


Also, just noticed your two test/sample images are reversed. Are you scanning negatives one at a time or in a group/batch?


I definitely need a “how to” document because I can’t even scan one at a time. The focus doesn’t work for me. My only way to get an image is to scan the entire roll of negs and then crop - which I’m sure is not the correct way.


Take a look at this article https://www.casualphotophile.com/2017/05/09/we-go-hands-on-with-filmlab-a-new-app-for-scanning-film-with-your-smartphone/.


My app doesn’t look like that. Only one button and when I have what looks like a good scan I press and get a blurry negative.


same here… Why is this?


This could be the reason that nothing is working out for me. Abe, are you reading these?


Your second example is better than the first. Difference?

  1. Take the negatives out of the sleeve.
  2. Use something that mechanically holds the film flat. I think it’s iffy to put anything on top of the negatives, but I might be wrong. I use a negative carrier from an old enlarger, but some of my negative strips are flat enough on their own.
  3. Make sure you are not bringing the iPhone closer to the negative than the min focusing distance (might explain first vs. second of your samples, might).


I can’t get mine to work at all. Have a Google Pixel phone. Does anyone know if it shoots in RAW?
The app opens and eventually takes a picture of the negative strip, but doesn’t convert to a positive like in the video and there is no focus ability. Thoughts?


@ColSebastianMoran. – the second image you saw is a better scan because it was done on my Epson V700. I was trying to show how it compares to the one from the app. I will try the way you mentioned though and see if that helps. Thank you.