Won't recognize the frame?


Hey everyone -

Haven’t had a chance to really test out the app until today when I finally got some film back and had time to try it out.

But whenever I try to preview the negatives, it won’t even render an image or recognize the frame. I can’t even get a preview, and I’m not sure why. It’s like it won’t adjust the exposure properly so the negatives are all blown out.

Anyone else seeing this problem? I’m using an iPhone 6 on an older operating system.



Scott, I suggest keep trying and/or update the OS.

Had regular issues finding the frame in 0.1 and much better in 0.2 (I’m pretty up to date with the iOS.)


Hmm. Well, tried updating but no luck. I guess it could be the old phone? Or maybe my light source (which admittedly is not ideal - I’m using my computer screen because I don’t have anything else).

Will have to get a proper light table and update my phone and try again lol.


Check the video here, a demo of film lab finding the frame.


Thanks for the vid! I think it’s my lightsource that’s the problem. Will have to correct that later!