Workflow for roll film?


Let’s say you want to scan in an entire roll of 35mm film 36-37 exposures.
What’s the planned workflow for this look like?
You scan frame by frame? Strips of 5-6?
Does it let you organize your scans by roll before you export or save to your photo library?
Can it scan film with sprockets or edges on medium format without messin up the overall black point and/or color balance?
Example would be a roll of 35mm film shot in a 120 Holga with the sprockets being exposed too. Can it recognize and handle that?



Excellent questions and wondering the same for workflow and options for allowing the sprockets to show(maybe via option slider?). I suspect workflow will be one frame at a time to maximize resolution and likely won’t matter how the roll is cut (just my therory).


Most negative sleeves are strips of six frames, or sometimes strips of 5. So I’m guessing that the app will be able to figure out each frame on a strip of multiple frames, but as @Soonlar was saying, due to “scan” quality it will probably only scan one-by-one.


I’m also interested on this topic.
Maybe @abe could provide more info on this?


Count me among those interested in this :slight_smile:. I would love to see some kind of simple mechanical device that could automatically or semi-automatically load a whole, pre-cut roll. For now, though, I’m cutting and sleeving my negs, using FilmLab to preview them in the sleeve, and then pulling out the individual strips for scanning the best images.